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Overcoming Challenges Through Perseverance and the Arts

At age two, Thomas Ledbetter was diagnosed with Autism and was not expected to be able to speak. However, thanks to a great support system and an incredible amount of work on his part, he managed to overcome many of the obstacles in his life. Thomas experienced bullying throughout elementary and middle school and decided to channel these negative experiences and feelings into positive graphic design.

Thomas had this to say about his piece: “Everyone in this world is like a flower: biologically similar, but personally distinct and beautiful in (their) own way…However these flowers will sometimes go through experiences that will take away their personal happiness, joy (etc.).” Using this metaphor, Thomas hoped to create something that “shed light on the complex and often emotionally ambiguous nature of bullying” and something that would “give people hope and help them embrace who they are despite the obstacles standing in their way.” 

“I created my poster for my Studio in Media Art class. Many people have seen the printed copies of the poster I made in the hallways of the school and have told me how amazing they thought it was and asked me about what the art means. After explaining the message I wanted to convey, they said that they really liked the poster’s meaning and loved how inspiring and poignant it was. I’m glad to see that people understand the message I wanted to send and that they’re being inspired by my poster little by little.”

Thomas’ father, Tom Ledbetter, is a member of the local Board of Education and has been working to increase the surrounding community’s awareness of bullying and how it impacts students. He constantly advocates for “more comprehensive policies that include educating students and staff about bullying prevention; that create effective counter measures to prevent bullying; and that include consequences that are appropriate, educational and effective deterrents to bullying.”

Thomas’ plans for the future include “teaching others that people who have a disability (or a difference) are worth just as much as anyone else and that all people have value.” However, most of all, he wants to help others overcome adversity and find joy and happiness in their lives. “My dream job” says Thomas, “is to become a psychologist, more specifically a neuropsychologist, and even though I want to specialize in helping people with neurological disabilities, I want to be able to help anyone and everyone as a psychologist and give people the ability to see their own value and worth one small step at a time.”